Details of Blowers

We  can offer Centrifugal Fan with backward inclined Blades ( PB TYPE ) / Radial Blades ( HP TYPE) / Backward inclined with radial tip blade ( EX / EY / EZ / EW TYPE) depending upon combination of Capacity, static pressure and application of Fan.. TE also manufactures Fans with blades having Aerofoil section blades ( TE SERIES ), which is having efficiency in the range of 85%. TE Centrifugal Fans with Radial blades are supplied for High Pressure. Backward inclined with radial tip fans can be offered for pressure upto 500 mmwc. All single inlet Centrifugal Fans shall be supplied in Arrangement.# 1A , 3 ,4, 7 , 8 as per AMCA std. depending upon the application of fans. TE also supplies fans with inlet box with bearing outside of air stream. The bearings are long life and suitable for continuous operation. Bearing can be either Grease lubricated or having oil bath depending upon the speed and size of bearing. TE can also supply fans with sleeve bearings.


The Fan Casing, Impeller & other parts shall be subject to proper surface preparation before painting. TE can supply Fans with epoxy painted, SS-304L, SS-316L SS-310, SS-421 , SS-321,MSRL. FRP lined, PP lined , Aluminium and shall be suitable for installation in outdoor. TE can also supply fans having Impeller with material of construction as MSRL , Hastealloy C-276, Titanium ,Avesta 2205 , Aluminium etc.


The Fan shall be supplied complete with V-Belt Drive set, Belt Guard & Common Base frame. Discharge, rotation & motor position shall be selected appropriately to fit the overall plan layout and shall have prior approval of client / consultant before taking up the manufacturing. The Fans shall be guaranteed for the satisfactory performance for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of supply whichever is earlier. 

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