Details of Rotary Atomizers

The formation of sprays having the required droplet size distribution is vital to any successful spray dryer operation so that powder specifications can be met. Atomization is a high technology area where TRIVENI has played a central role in the development and use of various nozzles and rotary atomizers in spray drying. TRIVENI has mastered the manufacturing of atomizers for almost all products viz. dyestuff, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, food products, optical whiteners, ceramics, detergents, etc..

The choice of atomizer depends upon the properties of the feed and the dried product specification. In cases where more than one atomizer type is suitable, the rotary atomizer is generally preferred due to its greater flexibility and ease of operation and handling of high feed rates without need for atomizer identical arrangemnets handling of abrasive feeds, no blockage problems, low pressure feed system,ease of droplet size control through wheel speed adjustment,optimization of particle size of dried material

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