Details of Spin Flash Dryer

Span Flash Dryers manufactured by TRIVENI, IS used for Spin Flash drying technology of high-viscosity products, pastes and filter cakes Widely acclaimed by customers In a variety of industries all over India, this process provides a faster and more energy-efficient alternative to spray drying. With quite a few Spin Flash Dryer installations In India, TRIVENI combines experience and cutting-edge technology into added-value solutions for our customers. 

Function and principle of operation

TRIVENI Spin Flash dryers are designed for continuous drying of cohesive and non-cohesive pastes and filter cakes, as well as high-viscosity liquids.
The main components in a complete TRIVENI Spin Flash plant are a feed system, the patented drying chamber, and the bag filler.

Feed system

The feed system consists of a feed vat where a discontinuous flow of product is buffered and fragmented by an agitator prior to continuous drying. A variable speed feed screw (or pump in the case of fluid feed) forwards the product to the drying chamber.

Drying chamber

The rotor at the conical base of the drying chamber fluidizes product particles in a drying-efficient hot air flow pattern in which any wet lumps are rapidly disintegrated. Hot air is supplied by a temperature-controlled air heater and speed-controlled fan, entering the drying chamber at a tangent in order to establish a turbulent, whirling air flow.

Airborne, fine particles pass through a classifier at the top of the drying chamber, while larger particles remain in the air flow for further drying and powdering.

The drying chamber is rigidly designed to withstand pressure shock in the event of explosive combustion of flammable particles. All bearings are effectively protected against dust and heat.

Powder from the drying chamber is collected in a bag filler, while the outlet air  leaves the system at the top via a suction fan.

Benefits of TRIVENI Spin Flash Dryers

  • High drying efficiency and low energy costs
  • Direct drying with no initial diluting
  • Continuous processing with short drying time
  • Low operator overheads and minimum maintenance costs
  • Small footprint
  • Pressure shock-resistant chamber for safe drying of organic products
  • Available in GMP design

TRIVENI's  Spin Flash plant features a bottom with an upward cone that efficiently prevents deposits. This unique technique has proven to be the customer-preferred method of drying paste in the industrial sector.

Special features

State of the art automation systems are available for TRIVENI Spin Flash drying plants, enabling fully automatic control, process optimization, data logging, traceability, and maintenance scheduling.

Fields of application

  • Agrochemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Food and feed products
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pigments and dyestuffs
  • Waste products

Capacity profile

1 kg/h to 40 tons/h

Spin Flash Dryer Designs available

Apart from traditional open-cycle design applying atmospheric air as drying medium, closed-cycle system designs are available,  either  employing the  low-oxygen (self-inertizing) principle, or with an external inert gas supply such as nitrogen. The low-oxygen option eliminates dust explosion hazards, while the nitrogen-based system is recommended for drying solvent-based materials, as it enables complete recovery of the solvent.

Drying chamber

The drying chamber is available in standard sizes ranging from 200 to 2,500 mm diameter. Normally in stainless steel, the drying chamber can also be supplied in Hastelloy or other corrosion-resistant materials. Drying chambers for inlet temperatures above 500°C feature special, heat-resistant stainless steel air distributors.


Plants complying withGMP requirements are supplied with a Spin Flash drying chamber incorporating a number of special design features, some of which are shaft entry with a barrier, sanitary flange assembly and sealing, inspection door gaskets, easy disassembly and a rotor top cover.

Small scale plants

Small scale, ready-to-install Spin Flash drying plants are available for research purposes and small-scale production. They are simple to operate and dismantle for cleaning.

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